Ep. #3849

Season 16, Episode 90 -  Air Date: 7/26/2002
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C.J. points out that he opened up to Bridget and now he wants to know what‘s been bothering her. He can tell that is has something to do with her mother. Bridget refuses to talk about it. Lance picks up his money from Sheila and orders her not to call him again. Amber tries to explain herself, but Rick cuts to the chase and asks her about the guy she was seen with. Amber admits that she blacked out, then woke up in his bed. Rick explodes, and wonders if she realizes what she‘s done. Amber swears that she would never have jeopardized everything she cares about to spend the night with a stranger, but Rick points out that she did. Amber begs for Rick‘s forgiveness. Brooke misses Bridget, but Stephanie says she‘s going to have to give Bridget more time. Brooke is stunned to hear that Bridget is working at the Insomnia. Erica informs Sheila that Amber came back, but had apparently gotten drunk and spent the night with some guy. Sheila says it proves that Amber isn‘t the right woman for Rick. Bridget is surprised when Brooke comes into the Insomnia.