Ep. #3848

Season 16, Episode 89 -  Air Date: 7/25/2002
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Rick informs Erica that Amber never came home last night. Erica finally confesses that she saw Amber -- and she wasn‘t alone. When Rick questions her, Erica admits that Amber and the model were holding each other. Rick wonders if Amber had more than one glass of wine, but can‘t believe that Amber spent the night with another man. Amber wakes up in Lance‘s bed. She‘s horrified when she realizes she was there all night and when Lance reminds her that she got drunk and came on to him. Amber is distraught and believes that she betrayed Rick. She takes a cab home and rushes in, apologizing to Rick. Before heading downstairs to work, C.J. thanks Bridget for listening to him. Sheila is pleased to hear that Amber was out all night. Ziggy wants to know what Sheila asked Lance to do to Amber. Sheila just hopes that Lance is as good an actor as he claims to be. She insists that Amber brought this on herself, but Ziggy points out that Amber didn‘t do anything wrong. Bridget just listens as two fellow employees complain about C.J.‘s moodiness. She makes eye contact with C.J. across the room.