Ep. #3847

Season 16, Episode 88 -  Air Date: 7/24/2002
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Amber acknowledges everyone‘s contributions to the line‘s success. Rick expresses concern, but Amber insists that one glass of wine won‘t hurt her. When Thorne questions her, Erica admits that she has a little crush on Rick, but quickly adds that she admires Amber and respects their marriage. Ziggy wonders what Sheila is up to. Sheila only says that Amber stole her future, but she‘s not going to let her ruin Erica‘s. Bridget sees that C.J. is crying and tries to comfort him, but C.J. angrily orders her to leave. Lance calls Sheila and informs her that the pills aren‘t working, but then he sees Amber stumble a bit. Lance approaches Amber, who falls into his arms as she passes out. Erica sees them and hurries off, thinking she‘s interrupted a private moment. Lance carries Amber away, but calls Sheila to make sure the drugs won‘t hurt her. Ziggy realizes that Sheila has dragged Lance into her scheme. Rick is looking for Amber, but Erica doesn‘t reveal what she just witnessed. C.J. apologizes for yelling at Bridget. He admits how much he misses Macy and Becky and finally opens up to Bridget about how their deaths have affected him. Bridget embraces C.J.