Ep. #3846

Season 16, Episode 87 -  Air Date: 7/23/2002
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Sheila shows Lance how to slip the pills into Amber‘s drink. Stephanie notes how much Bridget has grown up in the past few weeks and tells Bridget she‘s proud of her. Eric toasts the success of the Ambrosia line. Amber and Rick kiss as Erica watches. Rick announces that it was Erica who gave him the idea to sell the line on Telesave. Amber sets down her drink and moves to Rick‘s side as Rick makes a speech about Amber‘s accomplishments. Lance slips the pills into Amber‘s glass of wine. Rick and Amber kiss, then Amber retrieves her glass. Sheila notes to Ziggy that Rick is the kind of man that Erica deserves, and the man she‘s going to get. Bridget hears one of Macy‘s songs playing in C.J.‘s room. C.J. sadly recalls his wedding to Becky, then looks up to find Bridget watching him sympathetically.