Ep. #3845

Season 16, Episode 86 -  Air Date: 7/22/2002
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Sheila offers Lance ten thousand dollars if he‘ll get Caitlyn, one of the Forrester models, to invite him to the Forrester party as part of Sheila‘s plot against Amber. Bridget declines Rick‘s invitation to the party when she hears that Brooke might be there. Rick is furious when he finds out that Bridget left Deacon because he cheated on her. Rick asks C.J. to keep an eye on Bridget. Amber promises Thorne that she won‘t let Rick down again. Erica refuses to chase after Rick, but Sheila wonders how Erica would feel if she found out that Amber wasn‘t as perfect for Rick as she thought. Lance arranges to go to the party with Caitlyn. When Sheila hears, she is pleased that her plan to ruin Amber‘s marriage is underway. As they get ready for the party, Rick tells Amber that they‘ve made it through the bad times, and now it‘s time to celebrate the good.