Ep. #3844

Season 16, Episode 85 -  Air Date: 7/19/2002
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Brooke announces that yesterday was the single most profitable day in the history of Forrester Creations. Eric congratulates Amber. He admits that the press is accusing Forrester of selling out, but thanks everyone for giving Forrester the future they almost didn‘t have. When Erica stops by, Rick thanks her, and tells everyone that Amber gave him the idea of selling their line on Telesave in the first place. Rick decides to throw a party to celebrate. Meanwhile, the Spectra fashion show was a smashing success, but Ridge clearly isn‘t as thrilled as the others. Sally admits that she wanted Brooke to fail, but she thanks Ridge for creating the most successful fashion show Spectra has ever had. Sally admits to Ridge that she finally has the respect she always dreamed of. Taylor assures Ridge that he totally restored his reputation with last night‘s fashion show. Lance, an out-of-work model, goes with Ziggy while he‘s making some repairs at Sheila‘s apartment. Sheila sees Lance and says that he shouldn‘t be there. Lance hands her his card and lets Sheila know that he‘s looking for work. Amber professes her love to Rick and promises that she‘ll never do anything to hurt the company or him again. Erica is excited about going to Rick‘s party, but informs her mother she won‘t do anything to mess with Rick‘s marriage. Sheila is frustrated that Erica won‘t work with her, but has another idea of how to put Erica on Rick‘s arm for the rest of her life.