Ep. #3839

Season 16, Episode 80 -  Air Date: 7/12/2002
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Rick and Amber try unsuccessfully to convince Eric to change his mind about selling their inventory on Telesave. Eric tells Kristen that if they put the collection up for sale on television, everything Forrester stands for will be wiped out. Sally warns Brooke that with Ridge and Massimo on her side, she has the power to make Brooke and her family suffer as much pain and loss as she has. Sally notes to Brooke that she‘s going down, but Brooke assures Sally that she hasn‘t buried them yet. Erica thinks that her days as Little Eric‘s nanny are limited now that Amber is healthy, but Sheila insists that Erica‘s future is with Rick, and Erica has to stay focused. Erica doesn‘t want to bother Amber and Rick and adds that sometimes she thinks Sheila is psycho. Amber and Rick go to the Telesave studios and ask the producer if he would be interested in adding their collection to his product line. Brooke is determined to do battle with Spectra and decides to sell the line on Telesave despite Eric‘s objections. Sally informs Tony that tomorrow they‘re going to bring Forrester Creations to its knees.