Ep. #3837

Season 16, Episode 78 -  Air Date: 7/10/2002
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Tony is not as enthusiastic as Sally, Clarke and Ridge are about their coup. He tries to make Ridge see the impact their actions will have on his family. Ridge informs Sally that Rick and Amber‘s greed will bring the company down. He and Sally relish the idea. Thorne notes to Eric that Ridge is consumed with bitterness and hatred and wants Forrester to fail. Eric can‘t believe that Ridge would turn on his own family. Brooke reminds Deacon that, in spite of the baby, they can‘t be together because Bridget means too much to her. Deacon realizes that Brooke wants Bridget back and promises to stay away. He tells Brooke that he‘ll never regret what they shared. He asks Brooke not to forget their relationship, and not to regret it too much, adding that it was the best thing in his life. Amber apologizes to Erica for the way she treated her and thanks her for everything. They embrace. When Erica says that she bought her outfit from Telesave, Rick realizes they could sell their inventory on TV and try to recoup their losses. He pitches the idea to Kristen, Thorne and Eric, but Eric insists they‘ll sell Forrester clothes on TV over his dead body.