Ep. #3836

Season 16, Episode 77 -  Air Date: 7/9/2002
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Deacon hears that Brooke and the baby are staying in the guesthouse and slips out of the office. Rick swears that Ridge won‘t get away with what he‘s done. C.J. enjoys the power he has over Bridget and warns her that she has to earn her money. Bridget is surprised when C.J. mentions that Ridge now owns Spectra Fashions. Bridget informs C.J. that her marriage is over and she never wants to see Deacon again. Brooke admits to Stephanie how much she misses Bridget. Stephanie advises Brooke to forget about Deacon and her loveless marriage and to focus on Bridget and the baby. Deacon is entranced when he sees his baby daughter and holds her. Brooke reminds him that no one can ever know that he is the baby‘s father. Stephanie assures Deacon that she is going to help Brooke raise the baby. Eric stops production on the Ambrosia line and gives Thorne instructions to try to get their buyers back. Bridget is distraught when Brooke calls. She orders Brooke to stay out of her life. Thorne tells Eric that the buyers have said that they‘re passing on the Ambrosia line and staying loyal to Ridge, while Kristen informs them that the warehouses are overflowing. Eric realizes that Forrester is in deep trouble.