Ep. #3835

Season 16, Episode 76 -  Air Date: 7/8/2002
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Rick and Thorne are stunned when they realize that Ridge took over Spectra with Massimo‘s assistance. Thorne tries to convince Ridge that Massimo is using him. Ridge suggests that Rick cancel their fashion show because if no one is carrying their line, the press won‘t show up. Amber tells Ridge that he doesn‘t deserve the name Forrester. Ridge assures Amber that none of this would have happened if not for her. Kristen breaks the news to Eric that Ridge is behind the Spectra situation. Eric is furious, and can‘t believe Kristen‘s assertion that Ridge is doing this for Eric, especially when it has cost Eric his marriage and pitted his children against each other. Bridget fills out an application to work as a waitress at Insomnia, but C.J. snatches it away. Bridget insists that she needs a job to pay her rent, but C.J. is duly skeptical. C.J. calls Bridget a brat and orders her to get out. Bridget thinks C.J. is still bitter because Amber chose Rick instead of him. C.J. hires Bridget, but spills some coffee on the floor and says to clean it up.