Ep. #3832

Season 16, Episode 73 -  Air Date: 7/3/2002
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Deacon goes over the itinerary with Megan and explains that he‘s going to take Bridget to all of the most romantic places in the world. He and Brooke are putting their secret behind them because it‘s time to move on. Rick realizes that Amber heard him talking to Thorne. Amber tells him it‘s clear that he‘s not ready to deal with her recovery, and she doesn‘t want to burden him with her problems. Rick insists that they‘re in this together, and their marriage and family will sustain them through any challenge. Rick welcomes Amber home, and they embrace. Bridget informs Brooke that she‘s been humiliated for the last time, and she won‘t let the scandal poison the family, too. Brooke begs Bridget not to cut her out of her life, but Bridget assures Brooke that they‘re through with each other. The doctor explains to Brooke that she and her baby are in perfect health. Anxious to get back to L.A., Brooke asks if she can head home tonight. Stephanie tells Brooke that she has to give this baby a normal life, but she has to change everything. For the baby‘s sake, Stephanie agrees to help Brooke. Bridget informs Deacon that she was up at the cabin with Stephanie and Brooke, and explains that Brooke went into labor. Deacon is shocked when Bridget says that he and Brooke have a healthy baby daughter.