Ep. #3831

Season 16, Episode 72 -  Air Date: 7/2/2002
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On the eve of her release from the rehab facility, Rick informs Thorne that one of the tabloids is going to run a story about Amber‘s addiction and treatment. Thorne wonders if Rick and Amber are ready to face one of the biggest scandals they‘ve ever seen. He reminds Rick that recovery is an ongoing process, and it‘s a challenge for the addict and everyone who cares about them. Rick had assumed rehab would make her better. Rick‘s troubled by what Thorne said, but thanks him for his straightforwardness. When Thorne leaves, Amber emerges, not letting on that she overheard Rick‘s comments to Thorne. Rick is stunned when Amber explains that she wants to stay alone in the guest house for a few weeks. With Stephanie and Bridget trying to help, Brooke gives birth to a baby girl. Brooke thanks Stephanie and Bridget for helping her. She asks for a moment alone with Bridget and reminds her that, regardless of how Bridget feels about Brooke, this innocent baby is her half-sister. Brooke places the baby in Bridget‘s arms. When Bridget hands the baby back, she tells Brooke to take her only daughter, because Bridget is not her child anymore. Bridget reveals to Brooke that she‘ll never forgive her, but she doesn‘t hate her.