Ep. #3829

Season 16, Episode 70 -  Air Date: 6/28/2002
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Whip is surprised when Deacon agrees to stay away from Brooke. He explains that he‘s planning to take Bridget on a publicity tour for the Ambrosia line. After their close call, he doesn‘t want to risk Bridget finding out the truth. Whip assures Deacon that the baby will be surrounded with love from the day he‘s born. Stephanie sits outside in her car, hoping that Bridget can be strong. Bridget demands to know how many times Deacon and Brooke were together, and where. Brooke tries to convince Bridget how important she‘s always been to her. Bridget insists that Brooke threw her away but Brooke swears that she tried to do the right thing. Bridget tells Brooke that she made her choice, and choices have consequences. One is a child coming into her life, and the other is a child walking out of her life and never looking back. Brooke grabs Bridget‘s wrist. She begs her not to leave and to give her another chance. Stephanie emerges and orders Brooke to let Bridget go. Bridget admits that she may forgive Brooke someday, but she‘ll never trust her. Bridget leaves, and Brooke drops to her knees. Panicked, she informs Stephanie that she‘s in labor.