Ep. #3828

Season 16, Episode 69 -  Air Date: 6/27/2002
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Stephanie drives Bridget up to the cabin, but tries unsuccessfully to change Bridget‘s mind about confronting Brooke. Bridget insists upon talking to Brooke alone. Massimo is concerned that the situation could easily get out of hand. Stephanie is certain that Bridget will survive this, but isn‘t so sure about Brooke. Deacon is relieved that they seem to have averted disaster. He and Megan can‘t imagine what would have happened if Bridget had heard his conversation with Brooke. Deacon explains that he plans to leave town before the baby‘s born. Brooke asks Bridget about her friend, and tells Bridget how concerned she was when Bridget was missing. Bridget wants to talk about how much she means to Brooke, who insists she‘s closer to Bridget than anyone on earth. Brooke senses that Bridget is upset with Deacon. Bridget talks about the effect Brooke‘s life has had on her life, and how Bridget would always worry about Brooke as she went through her latest heartbreak. Bridget explains to Brooke that she realized today that all the terrible things people have said about Brooke were right. Brooke is shocked when Bridget admits that she knows the truth.