Ep. #3827

Season 16, Episode 68 -  Air Date: 6/26/2002
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The more Bridget thinks about Brooke‘s lies, the more furious she gets. Bridget asks to borrow Stephanie‘s car so she can go see her mother. Stephanie assures Bridget that she‘ll get her chance to confront Brooke, but she won‘t allow her to tonight. Stephanie urges Bridget to calm down and talk to Taylor before she sees her mother. Brooke decides to drive up to Big Bear to make sure Bridget is all right and that their secret is safe. Deacon wants to go along, but Brooke wants him to stay there in case Bridget calls. Kristen expresses her concern to Eric about the risk they‘re taking by putting all of their energy into Amber‘s line. Eric asks about Ridge‘s job, and Taylor responds that he has been involved in acquisitions for Marone Industries. Eric is sure that, with Ridge involved, the merger will be a success. Kristen realizes that Ridge told Taylor she discovered his scheme. Kristen has agreed to keep the secret, but adds that she and Eric are going to give their collection their best effort. Brooke calls Deacon from the cabin and informs him that Bridget hasn‘t been there. Brooke is sure that something is very wrong. Bridget calls and tells Brooke to wait there for her.