Ep. #3826

Season 16, Episode 67 -  Air Date: 6/25/2002
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Stephanie informs Massimo that Bridget will be staying with them for awhile. Stephanie promises she will take care of Bridget while she sorts things out. Stephanie explains the whole story to Massimo, and he wonders how Bridget will ever recover. Stephanie is determined to save Bridget from Brooke‘s treachery. Once she knows Bridget is all right, Stephanie plans to take care of Brooke. Stephanie is sure Brooke cannot undo the damage she‘s done to her relationship with her daughter. Bridget cries as she recalls her wedding day. She feels betrayed by the two people she trusted the most. Brooke admits to Deacon that she should feel completely relieved, but for some reason, she doesn‘t. She wonders why Bridget hasn‘t called. Erica is giddy with excitement wearing the Forrester gown. She and Rick dance together. Erica tells Rick about her mother, and agrees when Rick says that her mother would be proud if she could see Erica now. Erica confesses to Rick that she has a crush on him.