Ep. #3824

Season 16, Episode 65 -  Air Date: 6/21/2002
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Brooke is frantically trying to locate Bridget when Eric alerts her that he saw her at the house, and she was very upset. Brooke rushes out to see her, but tells Deacon not to come along. Stephanie suggests that Bridget should forget about Brooke and never speak to her again, but Bridget insists that she‘s not going to let Brooke off that easily. She wants to confront Brooke, but Stephanie urges her to wait until she‘s ready emotionally. Stephanie suggests that Bridget stay with her until she‘s strong enough to face them. Whip asks Deacon to do Brooke and Bridget a favor and get out of their lives, something he should have done months ago. Deacon is worried that Stephanie will be mad enough to kill Brooke. While Bridget is out for a walk, Eric lets Stephanie know that Brooke is on her way over. Brooke is in tears as she heads over, worried that she‘s too late and has lost her daughter. Stephanie decides to convince Brooke that her secret is safe so that Bridget will have time to heal. Brooke searches for Bridget, certain she is there. Stephanie finally admits that Bridget knows. She grabs Brooke by the throat and orders her to leave Bridget alone.