Ep. #3823

Season 16, Episode 64 -  Air Date: 6/20/2002
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Bridget wants to know how Stephanie could have helped Brooke and Deacon deceive her. She asks Stephanie how Deacon and Brooke got together in the first place when Brooke seemed to hate Deacon so much. Bridget wonders how a mother could do this to her daughter. Bridget is disgusted at the thought that Deacon‘s child is inside of Brooke. She notes to Stephanie that she‘s not going to be able to look at the baby. Deacon is preparing a special meal for Bridget. He explains to Megan that it would ruin Bridget‘s life if she found out the truth, and he couldn‘t live with that. He plans to give Bridget the life and the marriage she deserves. Brooke is horrified when Whip explains that he and Erica were talking in the nursery when she heard them. She reveals that she and Deacon talked about the baby and Bridget when they were together in the nursery. Whip and Brooke question Erica, trying to figure out who might have overheard Brooke‘s conversation with Deacon. When they realize Bridget had been there, Brooke admits to Whip that if Bridget heard them talking, then she knows everything.