Ep. #3822

Season 16, Episode 63 -  Air Date: 6/19/2002
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Bridget refuses to explain to Eric what‘s wrong and is horrified when he offers to call Brooke for her. When Stephanie discovers that Bridget is hysterical and doesn‘t want to talk to Brooke, she fears the worst. When Bridget hears Stephanie‘s voice, she puts it together that Stephanie was in on the secret too. Stephanie finally convinces Bridget to open the door. Bridget glares at Stephanie, and blasts her for not being honest with her. She says that Stephanie was right about Brooke being a whore. Stephanie holds Bridget as she sobs and promises that she‘s not going to let this destroy Bridget. Brooke assures Whip that seeing Bridget so happy at the shower makes everything worthwhile. She knows she did the right thing by marrying Whip, and says that Deacon realizes it, too. Brooke wonders where Bridget is, but isn‘t terribly concerned until she hears Whip chatting with Erica on the baby monitor up in the nursery. Brooke starts to panic when she realizes what may have happened.