Ep. #3818

Season 16, Episode 59 -  Air Date: 6/13/2002
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Sheila warns Ziggy that if he says a word to the cops, he will just disappear and no one will ever find the body. She‘s done some research of her own about him, and Sheila promises to keep Ziggy‘s secret if he keeps hers. Ziggy realizes that Sheila is still hung up on Eric and that‘s why she stayed in L.A. Sheila explains that her daughter deserves the best, and if Rick is anything like his father she‘ll do everything she can to get them together. Rick blames himself for not seeing how serious Amber‘s problems were, but Erica reassures him and says not to be so hard on himself. Bridget invites Stephanie to a baby shower for Brooke. Stephanie isn‘t sure that Brooke would want her there, but Bridget insists. Rick expresses his concern about the Ambrosia line and whatever it is Sally is up to. Erica encourages him to relax, and pours him another drink. After Rick heads up to bed, Erica is giddy, realizing that her mother‘s coaching worked. Brooke reminds Deacon that they can‘t be alone together. Deacon agrees that they‘ve taken too many chances and they have to put that part of their lives behind them. He promises there will be no more slip-ups. Stephanie warns Brooke that if Bridget ever finds out the truth, Brooke will feel Stephanie‘s wrath like never before.