Ep. #3817

Season 16, Episode 58 -  Air Date: 6/12/2002
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Sheila arranges for Erica to have a makeover. She promises that tonight is going to be special for Erica and Rick. Erica refuses to take any part in breaking up Rick and Amber‘s marriage. Sheila convinces Erica to go over to the house because Rick will need a friend. Ziggy is sure that Sheila was somehow involved with Forrester Creations, but a search turns up no Sheila Lovejoy on the employee lists. He is stunned when he finds out that she was once married to Eric. Ziggy continues his search and finds info about Sheila‘s marriage to James, their daughter Mary ... and Sheila‘s police record. Rick encourages Amber and expresses to her how much he misses her. He suggests they take advantage of her roommate‘s absence, but Amber isn‘t ready to make love. Ziggy bursts in, telling Erica that Sheila is a wanted criminal, unaware that Sheila is in the apartment, not Erica. Amber tearfully explains to Caitlyn that she let her husband down again and that he needs his wife. Rick opens the door and sees Erica, looking sultry and beautiful.