Ep. #3816

Season 16, Episode 57 -  Air Date: 6/11/2002
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Ridge covers, explaining that he stopped by to visit Tony, but Kristen is still suspicious. Tony informs Kristen that Ridge bought Spectra. Kristen realizes that Tony and Ridge are in cahoots with Massimo, and that Ridge and Sally are out for revenge against Rick and Brooke. Kristen assures them that by tomorrow, their secret will be all over the industry. Ridge urges Kristen not to tell the family. Sheila asks for Ziggy‘s help in convincing Erica to go after Rick. Erica resists being more aggressive, but Sheila and Ziggy give her a demonstration of how to act around Rick. Erica is furious with her mother, and leaves. Sheila is happy to see that Erica is her mother‘s daughter. Rick wants to make sure Amber has Brooke‘s support. Brooke is concerned about Little Eric being in the hands of a teenage nanny, but angers Rick when she suggests that there‘s something attractive about Erica. Rick admits to Amber that he desperately wants to see her and heads to the clinic.