Ep. #3815

Season 16, Episode 56 -  Air Date: 6/10/2002
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Ridge gives the Spectra group a pep talk, assuring them that they‘re on their way to making Spectra the premiere fashion house in the world. Tony realizes they‘re talking about destroying Forrester and protests that he can‘t keep Ridge‘s plan a secret from Kristen any longer. He thinks it‘s time for Ridge to go public with his involvement in Spectra. Ridge reminds him that the element of surprise is crucial to their success. Meanwhile, the Forresters discuss how to handle the Ambrosia line while Amber is in detox. They‘re surprised when Thorne points out that the Spectra fashion show is the same day as theirs. Rick suggests they get someone inside Spectra to see what they‘re up to, and wants Kristen to snoop around when she‘s visiting Tony. Kristen finally gives into the family pressure and agrees. Kristen hears Massimo‘s voice and wonders why Tony is meeting with him. She is stunned when she walks in and sees Ridge there as well.