Ep. #3814

Season 16, Episode 55 -  Air Date: 6/7/2002
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Rick promises Amber that they‘ll get through this, just like they‘ve made it through everything else. Amber is worried about how Rick‘s family will react. Taylor calls Stephanie and explains that she needs her help. Erica tells Sheila that her idea is silly, but Sheila is convinced that her daughter is going to have everything that she missed out on. Stephanie gathers the family together so they are waiting at Brooke‘s when Amber returns. Sheila hears about the gathering and assumes they‘re throwing Amber out. She informs Erica she‘ll be right over. Amber is fearful when she walks in and sees the family. Stephanie reminds Amber that they love her and she has their support, and the rest of the Forresters echo her sentiments. Sheila watches from outside and is about to leave when she hears Eric‘s voice. Eric reveals that he‘s sure Amber and Rick will come through this stronger than ever. Rick says how much he appreciates everyone‘s support. Sheila hears that Amber is packing and assures Erica that it‘s her golden opportunity. Sheila is ecstatic, and tells herself that she‘s going to live with the Forresters forever through her daughter.