Ep. #3813

Season 16, Episode 54 -  Air Date: 6/6/2002
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Taylor sees Amber‘s condition and goes to her aid. She asks if Amber has been doing drugs and finds the pills in Erica‘s purse. Amber admits she has a problem and tearfully explains to Taylor that she‘s failed Rick and Little Eric. Taylor refuses to give Amber back her pills. Amber realizes she has to get herself under control, but worries that she may have destroyed her marriage. Rick wonders where Amber has been getting her pills. Erica agrees to stay the night in case Rick hears from Amber. Rick informs Brooke that Amber is hooked on pain pills. His anger is welling up when Taylor calls and asks him to come over so Amber can confess something. Sheila assures Erica that she is perfect for Rick and he is Erica‘s if she wants him. Sheila is sure it is destiny that Erica is there as Rick‘s marriage is falling apart. Erica protests, but Sheila is sure that Rick is making the decision to leave Amber as they speak. Amber reveals to Rick that she‘s addicted to pain pills and plans to check herself into rehab so she can get her life back. Rick expresses to Amber that he‘s proud of her, and he‘s with her every step of the way.