Ep. #3812

Season 16, Episode 53 -  Air Date: 6/5/2002
2 Ratings


Rick finds out from Amber‘s doctor that he is no longer prescribing the pain pills for Amber. Erica realizes how concerned Rick is about Amber‘s behavior. Rick informs Erica that the pills Amber‘s been taking aren‘t from her doctor. He heads out to look for Amber. Brooke asks Whip not to pressure her, but Whip reminds her that he‘s been patient. Brooke insists that she‘s not ready to share a bed with Whip or any man. Deacon admits he can‘t imagine that Brooke really slept with Whip and realizes Megan knows more than she‘s letting on. Megan points out that if Brooke has to sleep with Whip to keep her secret from Bridget, she will. Amber stumbles in and tries to make Erica leave her alone with Little Eric. Erica slips out and calls Rick, who asks Erica to keep Amber there until he can get home. Amber can‘t focus on the words when she tries to read to Little Eric. She lashes out at Erica and storms out of the house. Erica explains to Rick that she seems to set Amber off and maybe she should leave, but Rick assures Erica that he and Little Eric need her. Amber collapses against a door and pleads for help.