Ep. #3811

Season 16, Episode 52 -  Air Date: 6/4/2002
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Brooke is shaken by Sally‘s tirade. Whip doesn‘t want Brooke to let Sally get to her and wonders what Sally could possibly do to Brooke. Whip assures Brooke that the stability he‘s offering her will be good for the baby. Sheila wants to know if Ziggy is blackmailing Amber. Ziggy insists that he‘s just trying to help Amber out because she‘s going through a tough time. When he mentions that Amber is on medication, Sheila realizes excitedly that Amber is an addict. She thinks Rick is much too good for Amber and that Rick deserves someone special...like Erica. Ziggy thinks Sheila has lost it, but Sheila explains to herself that if Erica wants Rick, then she‘s going to have him. Rick is on the spot when Amber doesn‘t show up for a meeting at Forrester. Thorne thinks Amber should quit if she can‘t handle the job because she‘s jeopardizing the future of the company. Amber is drinking alone at The Lair when Alexandra spots her. Amber brushes her off, then breaks down in tears. Erica tells Rick that Amber has put him in a terrible position. She asks if Rick would like her to stay a little late tonight in case Amber‘s in no shape to handle Little Eric.