Ep. #3810

Season 16, Episode 51 -  Air Date: 6/3/2002
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Erica is pleased when Sheila informs her that she‘s going to stay. Sheila tells herself that Rick could fall for Erica, but first they have to get rid of Amber. Sally is celebrating her newfound wealth with her staff over a lavish meal at the Café Russe. Sally‘s mood darkens when she spots Brooke and Whip across the room. Brooke and Whip wonder what Sally could be celebrating, but realize it‘s something big. Clarke and Darla remind Sally that no one can find out that she sold Spectra because the new line has to catch Forrester by surprise. Sally warns Brooke that she‘s going to pay dearly for her mistakes. Whip hears her threatening tone and asks Sally what she has up her sleeve. When Amber hears that Ziggy has the pills, she explains to him that she has to pick them up before she goes to work. She says that she has to run an errand when Rick suggests they ride together to work. Erica notices that Rick is worried about Amber, and wonders why she‘s doing this to him. Ziggy warns Amber that she‘s playing a dangerous game. Amber is only interested in getting her pills. Sheila spots Ziggy and Amber together. When Amber is gone, Sheila grabs Ziggy and demands to know what Amber was doing there.