Ep. #3809

Season 16, Episode 50 -  Air Date: 5/31/2002
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Erica comes out of her fantasy about Rick. Sheila recalls her time in L.A. and admits to herself that she‘s still in love with Eric. Eric informs Brooke that the situation with Stephanie is worse and that she actually brought up his marriage to Sheila. He wonders how he ever could have married such a psychopath. Brooke thinks Stephanie and Sheila are a lot alike -- manipulative and cunning, and always able to come out on top. Rick explains to Amber that Erica isn‘t a bad person and he‘s not going to fire her. Rick wonders if the pills are affecting Amber‘s moods. Amber explains that she‘s still having so much pain and just wishes everything was back to normal. She admits she‘s been hard to live with and asks Rick to have faith in her. Rick assures Amber that she has nothing to worry about. Erica reveals to Sheila that Rick is the most wonderful man she‘s ever known, and she thinks he likes her too. She convinces her mother to reconsider her plans to leave L.A. Sheila tells herself that after all these years with Amber, Rick deserves someone like Erica. She knows that she can never get Eric back, but decides that maybe Erica can have his son...and all they have to do is get rid of Amber.