Ep. #3806

Season 16, Episode 47 -  Air Date: 5/28/2002
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Sheila wonders how the Forresters managed to get their hooks into her daughter again. Erica and Sheila are stunned when Ziggy comes to the door with a police officer behind him. While Sheila hides, Erica covers for her mother‘s visit, explaining that Sheila trashed the place looking for some jewelry Erica had borrowed without permission. Massimo notes that Stephanie is still wearing Eric‘s ring. He points out that a man who could have jeopardized Stephanie‘s life by bringing Sheila into the picture deserves Stephanie‘s contempt, not her love. Stephanie wonders whatever happened to Sheila and her daughter. She explains that James tried to find them, but Stephanie hopes she never has to see Sheila‘s face again. Erica insists that Amber is her friend and refuses to go home with her mother now, or ever. Sheila decides that after one day of working for Amber, Erica will be begging her to take her back home. Erica calls Sheila from her first day of work and says that Rick treats her like a princess. Ziggy lets himself in looking for Erica. When she doesn‘t appear, Ziggy suggests that he may have to call the police, but Sheila jumps at him and holds a knife to his throat.