Ep. #3805

Season 16, Episode 46 -  Air Date: 5/27/2002
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Amber is concerned about going back to work and leaving Little Eric with someone they hardly know. Rick tries to convince her to give Erica a chance. Sheila wants Erica to leave, but Erica admits to her mother that she has a job as the Forresters‘ nanny. Sheila is stunned when Erica says that she was at the wedding, and denies that she was the one who fueled Erica‘s obsession with the family. Sheila informs her that they left L.A. so she could get Erica away from the shallow and superficial Forresters. Erica wants them to stay and start a new life in Los Angeles, but Sheila insists that they‘ll never be safe here. Erica realizes something terrible must have happened and asks her mother why she really left L.A. Sheila denies that Erica‘s father lives in town and warns Erica not to try to track him down. Stephanie reminds Eric of what happened with Sheila and points out that if he was as committed to family as he claims, he never would have given Sheila a second glance. Stephanie assures him that the mistakes of the past will come back to haunt them.