Ep. #3804

Season 16, Episode 45 -  Air Date: 5/24/2002
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Massimo tells Stephanie that when Eric comes over to see her, she is to give him back his ring and end the marriage. Amber apologizes to Rick for her behavior at the engagement party. Rick explains that he has hired Erica to help with Little Eric until Amber is back on her feet. Rick promises Amber that he‘ll always be there for her. Erica tries to reassure herself that her mother couldn‘t have found her. Ziggy offers to let her sleep at his place, but she declines. When Erica is alone, someone comes to the door, and Erica is terrified to see the doorknob turning. The storm knocks out the electricity. Erica finds a flashlight, and someone grabs her hand. Erica‘s mother says that Erica may have thought she was rid of her, but this is only the beginning. Deacon teases Ridge that if it will make him feel better, he should go ahead and give him his best shot. Ridge assures Deacon that when he is ready to let go of his hostility, then Deacon and the rest of them will get what‘s coming to them. Eric pleads with Stephanie to come home with him.