Ep. #3802

Season 16, Episode 43 -  Air Date: 5/22/2002
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Bridget is irked that Deacon left her stranded and tells Stephanie that something weird is going on with Brooke and Deacon. Stephanie tries to reassure her, but Bridget can‘t shake the feeling that there‘s something going on that she doesn‘t know about. Whip reminds Brooke that she promised to make love to him on their wedding night. He sees the teddy Bridget slipped in Brooke‘s suitcase and asks her to put it on. Brooke suggests that Whip take a cold shower. Whip confesses to Brooke that he loves her and wants to do everything he can to make her life better. Ziggy hears a noise from Erica‘s darkened apartment and lets himself in. Moments later, he is knocked unconscious in the darkness. Erica asks Rick if Amber is upset with her. Rick wonders if Erica would be interested in a full-time job taking care of Little Eric. Erica is terrified when she returns to her apartment and finds Ziggy lying on the floor. Bridget calls Brooke, who tries to reassure her daughter that she married Whip for all the right reasons. After they hang up, Brooke starts to cry.