Ep. #3800

Season 16, Episode 41 -  Air Date: 5/20/2002
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Eric isn‘t happy to see Massimo arrive for the wedding. Afraid that Brooke will back out, Stephanie tells Whip that she is anxious for the wedding to begin. She reminds Whip that Brooke isn‘t marrying him for love which means that until they say their vows, anything can happen. Deacon tries to convince Brooke that the wedding will only stall the inevitable because Brooke will not be able to keep her secret from Bridget forever. Brooke decides to confess the truth to Bridget, but asks Deacon to leave first. Stephanie interrupts to inform Brooke that everyone is waiting and insists that whatever Brooke has to say can wait. Joy admits to Megan that she hopes Brooke decides not to go through with the wedding. Taylor and Ridge note Amber‘s spaced-out behavior. Deacon assures Whip that Brooke will not be walking down the aisle. Stephanie looks on as Bridget gives Brooke her sentimental gifts -– something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. When Bridget is gone, Stephanie states to Brooke that she knows what she has to do. Tony and Kristen wonder if the bride is going to show up. Whip reveals to Deacon that there‘s nothing he can do to stop the wedding. Deacon‘s eyes go wide when Brooke appears on the staircase in her wedding gown.