Ep. #3799

Season 16, Episode 40 -  Air Date: 5/17/2002
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Deacon knows Brooke is trying to protect Bridget, but tells himself the marriage is wrong and he can‘t let Brooke go through with it. Joy tries to convince Whip that Brooke is obviously not ready to marry him and is worried that Brooke will let him down. Whip assures his mother that Brooke needs him. He is excited about starting a new life with Brooke and the baby. Brooke reminisces about her special moments with Deacon, but Stephanie interrupts her reverie and orders Brooke to pull herself together. Brooke notes to Stephanie that the marriage is wrong because they‘re just piling lies on top of lies. Stephanie insists that Brooke‘s only choice is to marry Whip or lose her daughter. While Rick is concerned about Amber, Erica promises to take care of Little Eric and assures Rick that she‘s there for him. Whip is able to defuse Deacon‘s attempt to talk to Brooke before the wedding. Whip promises Brooke that he‘s not going to let her down and won‘t give up until her feelings for Deacon have gone away. He reminds her that she‘s doing this for Bridget and the baby so she can give them a life without scandal. When Brooke is alone again, Deacon slips in and takes Brooke in his arms, kissing her.