Ep. #3798

Season 16, Episode 39 -  Air Date: 5/16/2002
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Whip and Deacon are having intense words when Kristen joins them and notes that it‘s nice to see them getting along. Massimo reminds Sally that Rick won‘t have help this time, and when Ridge launches his plan, Brooke and her children won‘t know what hit them. Sally is bitter about the thought of Massimo attending Brooke‘s wedding with Stephanie. Taylor defuses a tense moment between Rick and Ridge, noting that she hasn‘t seen Amber in awhile. Amber is out on the deck, feeling the effects of the pills and alcohol. She makes a scene when she joins the party, and Rick ushers her into the bedroom to get her away from the group. Joy is surprised that Stephanie apparently supports Brooke‘s marriage to Whip. Bridget is concerned when Ridge mentions Taylor‘s sense that something is up. She tells Brooke that she sees that something is wrong and wants to know what‘s going on with her. Whip takes the floor, and ends his speech by asking Deacon to be his best man. Rick asks Erica if she can help them out at the wedding tomorrow. Stephanie reminds Brooke that Bridget is counting on her to marry Whip, and tomorrow she‘s going to do just that.