Ep. #3796

Season 16, Episode 37 -  Air Date: 5/14/2002
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Deacon warns Stephanie to get away from Brooke and accuses her of trying to bully Brooke into a bad marriage. As the party begins, Joy shoots Whip a look when Bridget admits that neither Brooke nor Deacon has arrived yet. Rick explains that Amber isn‘t feeling well, and Amber goes to lie down until Brooke arrives. Stephanie informs Deacon that it‘s over. She wants him to resign, file for divorce, and turn in his registration tonight. Deacon insists that Bridget wants him and he‘s not going to walk out on her. He adds that he won‘t abandon his child. Stephanie tells Deacon that he‘s poison to both Bridget and Brooke and the best thing he can do for both of them is to disappear. Bridget is surprised to see Erica, unaware that Zende invited her. Bridget‘s upset when she realizes Whip has left with his mother. Joy points out that the party‘s in honor of Whip‘s engagement to a woman who doesn‘t love him, and she won‘t stay and watch him be humiliated. Brooke arrives, and Whip introduces her to Joy. Bridget is pleased when Stephanie announces that she‘s going to do everything in her power to make sure Brooke and Whip‘s marriage succeeds.