Ep. #3795

Season 16, Episode 36 -  Air Date: 5/13/2002
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Stephanie realizes that Deacon must be the father of Brooke‘s baby. At first, Brooke tries to deny it, but then admits the truth. When Stephanie calls Brooke a whore, Brooke slaps her. Stephanie slaps her back, assuring Brooke that if she weren‘t pregnant, she‘d tear her apart. They all agree that they need to protect Bridget, but Stephanie gets Brooke alone and tells Brooke that she‘s marrying Whip if she has to kick her butt all the way to the altar. She instructs Brooke to get to the engagement party that Bridget is throwing, and says Brooke‘s going to give the performance of her life and be the belle of the ball. Zende informs Tony and Kristen that he wants to take Erica to the party. Erica fantasizes about life with Rick Forrester. She‘s thrilled when Zende calls to invite her to the engagement party. Megan is shocked when Deacon reveals to her that Stephanie caught him kissing Brooke and knows the truth. Megan urges him to go protect Brooke when she realizes that Deacon left Brooke and Stephanie alone together.