Ep. #3794

Season 16, Episode 35 -  Air Date: 5/10/2002
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Stephanie assures Brooke that Bridget will be the victim if this marriage winds up in another scandal. Stephanie is sure that Brooke is hiding something. She reminds Brooke that she‘s never been able to keep a secret from her indefinitely. Deacon assures Whip that he‘ll do anything to stop the wedding. Ziggy notes Amber‘s frazzled state and offers to help her get more pills. Ziggy takes her money, returns with the pills, and offers Amber his phone number. Deacon informs Brooke that the only way their baby can have a happy life is if they tell the truth. Brooke is distraught about betraying Bridget. Deacon takes Brooke in his arms as she sobs and he kisses her passionately. Stephanie spots them and assumes Brooke is kissing Whip -- until she sees Whip in the hall. She goes back to Brooke‘s office and is horrified to find Deacon with Brooke.