Ep. #3792

Season 16, Episode 33 -  Air Date: 5/8/2002
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Whip wants Brooke to get to know him better, and reveals a bed strewn with rose petals. Brooke insists that she‘s not ready for this and asks him to be patient. Whip kisses her, but agrees to wait until their wedding night. Megan tries to convince Deacon that Brooke needs to marry Whip for Bridget‘s sake. Deacon doesn‘t believe Brooke will go through with the wedding. Rick wonders why Brooke is really marrying Whip, certain that it‘s not about love. Erica and Zende stop playing chess, and Erica puts on the boom box and sings for him. Erica overhears Tony telling Zende about Brooke‘s wedding. She offers to go with Zende to the wedding and gives Zende her phone number. Amber is edgy and informs Rick and Bridget that she has run out of pain medication, and the doctor won‘t give her anymore. Bridget welcomes Brooke and Whip home and decides that she‘ll throw a party for them. Deacon asks to talk to Brooke and Whip alone. When Bridget leaves, Deacon warns Brooke that he won‘t let her marry Whip.