Ep. #3790

Season 16, Episode 31 -  Air Date: 5/6/2002
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Ridge is working hard with Tony and Clarke on the next Spectra collection. Amber informs Rick that she has to focus on their family and on her work. She knows that the future of Forrester is depending on their success. Amber assures Rick that Ridge is never going to bother them again. Whip drags an unconscious Deacon out of Brooke‘s suite. He takes him to the company jet and explains that Deacon had one too many drinks. He tells the pilot that Deacon needs to get back to L.A. for a meeting. Deacon trips Whip as he is leaving, but Whip assures him that Brooke is his. He decks Deacon and leaves. Brooke is surprised that Deacon is gone. She assumes he is calling when the phone rings, but it‘s Bridget. Brooke covers, but is thrown when Bridget asks if Brooke knows where Deacon is. Rick runs into Ridge and taunts him, reminding him that he‘s out of the fashion business, and there‘s nothing he can do to Forrester now. Bridget finally reaches Deacon on his cell phone, and he feels terrible lying to her about where he is. Brooke admits to Whip that she lost control again when Deacon was there. Whip says that if she‘ll trust him and do as he says, he can save her.