Ep. #3789

Season 16, Episode 30 -  Air Date: 5/3/2002
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Amber is subdued even when the rave reviews are read and the family showers her with praise. Rick doesn‘t think that Amber is in the mood for a party, but Bridget points out that he and Amber have to focus on the future now. Rick thanks everyone for acknowledging Amber‘s success and adds that with Amber‘s ability and their support, nothing can stop them. Bridget toasts Brooke for recognizing Amber‘s talent and giving her the go-ahead with her line. After they make love, Brooke admits to Deacon that all her fears and uncertainties disappear when she‘s with him. Clarke doesn‘t care about Ridge‘s personal vendetta, but is more than interested in helping in the battle against Forrester for the sake of Spectra Fashions. Stephanie realizes that Sally accepted Ridge‘s offer because she wants to bring Brooke down. She points out that Ridge and Sally want the same thing. Stephanie takes Sally‘s hand and reminds her that if there‘s any hope of stopping Brooke, they have to do it together. Clarke assures Ridge that he and Tony will be his hands and will put his vision on paper. He boasts to Ridge that Forrester won‘t know what hit them. After all the love making and talking, Brooke and Deacon are sleeping in the bed when an enraged Whip comes in and hits Deacon over the head with a candlestick.