Ep. #3788

Season 16, Episode 29 -  Air Date: 5/2/2002
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Deacon insists that Whip is going home with him. Whip accuses Deacon of being jealous and insecure, and says that Brooke is going to see him for what he is. A fight ensues, and Deacon knocks Whip unconscious. Erica lies and informs Mrs. Benton that she is her new teacher‘s aide. She resumes her game with Zende and is stunned to find out that he is the adopted child of a Forrester. Erica quizzes Zende about Amber, and about how often he sees the family. Zende confronts Erica about not being a teacher‘s assistant, but promises to keep her secret. Tony and Kristen talk about their son, and wonder how soon he‘ll become interested in girls. When they pick him up at school, Zende introduces them to the new teaching assistant, Erica. Brooke is stunned to see Deacon in her bedroom. Deacon wants either Brooke or Whip to go back to L.A. with him. Brooke admits to Deacon that they can‘t be around each other and begs him to go before she asks him to stay. They kiss passionately and he carries her back to the bed.