Ep. #3787

Season 16, Episode 28 -  Air Date: 5/1/2002
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Erica admits to Alisa how much she hopes to see Amber again, and wonders how she could find a way to get close to the Forresters. On his way to Paris, Deacon has a nightmare about calling Brooke while she‘s making love to Whip. Deacon advises the pilot that he only expects to be in Paris a few hours, and he anticipates having another passenger on the way home. Brooke is shocked when Whip puts on a porn tape for her to watch, insisting that it‘s a "motivational" tape. Whip advises her to let go of Deacon and have a little fun. Brooke asks Whip to leave, but he slips back in while she is taking a bath. Whip is undoing his shirt when Deacon comes to the door. Whip informs Deacon that Brooke is in the bedroom waiting for him. Kristen understands when Tony is reluctant to reveal what‘s going on at Spectra. Near the schoolyard, Erica watches as Zende and his friends play chess. When Zende looks for his next opponent, Erica volunteers. A teacher spots Erica and wants to know what she‘s doing there.