Ep. #3786

Season 16, Episode 27 -  Air Date: 4/30/2002
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Deacon desperately misses Brooke and finally calls her. When Deacon senses that Whip is pressuring her, he demands to talk to Whip, but Brooke refuses. Rick tries unsuccessfully to convince Amber to go to the board meeting. When he‘s gone, Amber realizes that she‘s out of pain pills. She calls the doctor and cajoles him into giving her one more refill. Amber shows up for the board meeting, having taken a pain pill, and everyone congratulates her for the outstanding sales numbers for the Ambrosia line. Whip calls Deacon on his cell phone and taunts him, telling him that everything Deacon has wanted in his life is all Whip‘s. Deacon orders Megan to get the company jet ready because Brooke is in trouble. He promises himself that he‘s going to kill Whip when he gets to Paris. Ridge announces to Stephanie that he is back in the fashion business. Stephanie is stunned when Massimo explains that Ridge will be at war with Forrester Creations because he bought Spectra. Ridge explains to Stephanie that he can‘t go on with his life until his name is restored in the fashion industry. Stephanie realizes that they have to get rid of Brooke and promises that she‘s behind him all the way.