Ep. #3784

Season 16, Episode 25 -  Air Date: 4/26/2002
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Sally is horrified when she realizes Clarke had her sign the papers when she was drunk, and calls him a traitor. Massimo tears the document in half and suggests they start over. He insists there is no deal without Sally‘s consent. Sally tells them all to get out. Ridge assures Sally that he‘s going to buy Spectra and she‘s going to be glad he did. Tony points out that they can‘t force Sally to sell. Massimo explains that Ridge wants to buy the company to teach Brooke a lesson. Sally is suddenly interested in what they have to say. Eric explains to Stephanie, Kristen and Thorne that Amber and Rick needs them. They agree to go to the cemetery together. Erica finds an apartment near the school and reassures herself that she‘s going to make a new life for herself the way Amber did. She calls Alisa and says that she‘s going to the funeral because Amber needs a friend. Rick is concerned when Amber says that she can‘t wait to be with her children. Rick holds her when she admits to him that she feels as if she‘ll never be happy again. Rick promises they‘ll get through this together. The Forresters join Rick and Amber at the cemetery as Erica watches unnoticed. They place flowers on the caskets. Amber emotionally sings to her children, as the family watches in tears. Erica swears that she‘s going to help Amber.