Ep. #3783

Season 16, Episode 24 -  Air Date: 4/25/2002
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Ridge grimly realizes that Rick is so preoccupied with Amber that he won‘t see what‘s coming. When Darla asks Sally for her signature on some order forms, Sally starts to wonder what Clarke really had her sign last night. Clarke congratulates Ridge, the new owner of Spectra Fashions. When Ridge finds out that Sally was drunk when she signed the papers, Ridge erupts, but Clarke assures him that Sally will have to take Ridge seriously now. Ridge informs Massimo that he‘s made his first acquisition. Massimo can‘t believe that Sally would sell Spectra Fashions and warns Ridge to get out of the deal because he‘s wasting his time. Clarke calls Sally and explains to her that he‘s bringing over some investors. Sally is sure this is the answer to their prayers. Sally is furious when she sees Massimo and Ridge, and orders them out. She doesn‘t want to hear their offer, but Clarke reveals to her that they already own Spectra. Bridget tries to talk Amber into waiting a few days to do the funeral, but Amber is adamant on going ahead with it. At the cemetery, Rick and Amber see the caskets of their two children. Rick doesn‘t think Amber is ready and wants to take her home, but Amber insists on staying. Amber starts crying, and asks her children why they left her when all she wanted in the world was to be with them. Bridget fills Eric in about the funeral.