Ep. #3782

Season 16, Episode 23 -  Air Date: 4/24/2002
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When Brooke hears that Amber lost the baby, she assures Rick she‘ll come home immediately. Rick informs her that he and Amber need time alone. In tears, Brooke asks to talk to Amber. She comforts Amber and says that she knows how much the baby meant to her and wonders what she can do to help her through this. Brooke realizes how distraught Amber is and implores Rick to keep an eye on her. At first, Sally is defensive when Stephanie stops by. When she hears about Amber losing the baby, she admits that she and Stephanie have many reasons to be grateful, and many reasons to grieve. Sally explains to Stephanie how she‘s come to trust Clarke and is sure he‘d never do anything behind her back. Sally confesses that however bad things may be at Spectra now, it‘s the one thing that belongs to her alone and she‘ll never let it go. Ridge admits to Clarke that he wants to buy Spectra Fashions and run it as CEO. Clarke advises Ridge to act now because Tony‘s thinking of leaving. Ridge points out that Sally didn‘t even want to hear his proposal, but Clarke needs Ridge to leave Sally to him. Ridge gives Clarke twenty-four hours to get Sally to sign the purchase agreement. Clarke tricks an inebriated Sally into signing the agreement by telling her that she‘s authorizing a purchase order for cheaper fabric. Amber expresses to Rick that she wants to have a joint funeral for both of her babies. She wants to do one good thing for her children and bury them next to each other.