Ep. #3781

Season 16, Episode 22 -  Air Date: 4/23/2002
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Sally dampens everyone‘s enthusiasm for Tony‘s design by telling them about Spectra‘s latest financial woes. Tony informs Clarke that Spectra may be looking for a new designer if he can‘t work with quality fabric, which Sally insists they can‘t afford. Ridge states to Eric that Rick, Amber, Brooke and Deacon made fools of them and it‘s time for payback. Ridge promises that he‘s going to bring them down and then he and Eric can walk back into Forrester with their heads held high. Massimo wants Ridge to learn about the company‘s shipping concerns, but Ridge admits that he has another agenda involving the fashion business. He explains that he has a score to settle before he does anything else. Eric wants Rick to call Ridge because he doesn‘t want the family torn apart over business differences. Thorne, Kristen, and Rick are shocked when Eric reveals that Ridge has taken a job at Marone Industries and is planning his revenge. Rick is sure Ridge is history and refuses to worry about him. Ridge calls Spectra and tells Clarke that he has a business proposal. Clarke agrees to meet him. Ridge then calls Rick and warns him to watch his back.