Ep. #3780

Season 16, Episode 21 -  Air Date: 4/22/2002
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Whip asks Brooke to see it as a marriage of convenience if she wants. He promises he‘ll be a good father to her baby and a good husband to her. He adds that marrying him is probably the best thing Brooke could do for Bridget‘s marriage because it would eliminate any hope Deacon has left for the two of them. Erica takes Amber‘s hand supportively and promises that she‘s there for her. When Rick comes in to take Amber home, Amber introduces him to Erica, who is thrilled to meet another of her Forrester idols. Jonathan reviews the contract and the codicil to Massimo‘s will leaving everything to Ridge. He pronounces it a farce and refuses to let Ridge sign. Ridge insists that Massimo is sincere and signs the employment document anyway. Massimo welcomes him to Marone Industries. Eric bursts in and realizes that Ridge has sold his soul to the devil. Eric can‘t believe Ridge has taken a job from the man who‘s trying to steal Stephanie from him. He assures Eric that he‘s made this move for both of them. After seeing Little Eric‘s sadness, Amber sobs, knowing that she has disappointed everyone by losing the baby. Rick promises Amber that they‘ll get through this. When he leaves the room, Amber takes two more pain pills. Erica calls Alisa from in front of Brooke‘s house and excitedly tells her friend that she met both Amber and Rick.